Hi, I'm Max!

I'm an autistic and LGBTQA+ artist.
I'm nonbinary and use they/them/their pronouns.

I have an Associate's in Advertising and Graphic Design.
I take full-time commission work alongside a day job.

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For commission and business inquiries, email me:

🌻 Commission Status: OPEN! 🌻

Prices are listed in USD

Want to order a commission? Use the order form below, and don't forget to read my TOS!

★ ICON ★

Single: $60 | Connected: +$30 each

Available in lined or painted style.
1000x1000px. Single character per icon. Connected icons can have as many characters as you want!


Sprite: $30

Four frame simple animation is included with the sprite!
300x300px and 100x100px. Single character only. Transparent background.

Icon: $40 | Connected: +$20 each

Simple animation (eye blinking, ear flicking, etc.) can be added for +$10.
Icon can be a close-up headshot or a fullbody (complicated designs may be simplified for fullbodies).
300x300px and 100x100px. Transparent background.



Creative freedom sketch! Will be a partial / bust and with limited palette. Single character only.
Sketches will be messier and less refined than other commissions and may be experimental in style.
You can give me a prompt for the pose/expression but generally I'll go with what I vibe with!

Please note that there will not be Works-In-Progress sent for sketches. I can do minor corrections after completion.



Available in lined or painted style.
Additional characters +$50 each. Background / environment is +$50.



Available in lined or painted style.
Additional characters are +$60 each. Background / environment is +$60.


Pokemon: $90+

Pokemon custom designs can include fusions, alternate forms / recolors / shinies, etc!
Comes with: one fullbody, color palette, items and detail shots, and info (name, type, moveset, ability, etc)
Alternate palette +$10 each. Alternate design / outfit is +$30+ each depending on complexity.


Partial: $75+ | Fullbody: $90+

Your character with up to six Pokemon in a fun team pose!
Small / medium Pokemon are +$15 each, large or complicated Pokemon are +$30 each.
Human/oids and anthros accepted! Canonical Pokemon only (including forms and shinies).

Available in lined or painted style. Single character only. Flat color background only.

Note: examples are older! New commissions will reflect my new style

🌻 Illustration Terms of Service 🌻

Please read these terms of service before ordering a commission! These are very important.
By commissioning me you must read and agree to these terms.

I have the right to update these terms of service at any time.
I have the right to refuse or cancel a commission for any reason.
I have the right to charge additional fees for complexity / specificity of a commission.
I have the right to post commissioned pieces in my portfolios, galleries, and commission examples.

Be aware that my style can and will vary as I enjoy experimenting and work on being happy with my own art!
Creative freedom is always welcomed, but feel free to be specific!
If you have inquiries about commissions, contact me at maxhamiltonarts@gmail.com.

✦ WILL DRAW: Anthropomorphic, humanoid, dragons (including Flight Rising), animals/creatures/monsters, Pokemon, real people and animals, some fanart. Natural or modern scenery, mecha/weapons/armor,, food.

✦ WILL NOT DRAW: 18+/adult/genitalia, fetish or characters labeled fetishistic, homophobic, or transphobic terms. Political or offensive themes (such as racism, nazism, homo/transphobia), extremely complex mecha/weapons/armor.

*18+/adult artwork and commissions are available on my NSFW Twitter and FurAffinity.
You must be 18 years of age or older to view or interact with these accounts.

I accept USD PayPal only. I use PayPal invoices.
Payment is required in full before completion of a commission.

To order a commission, fill out and submit this order form.
I will contact you via the email you provide to confirm the order and send an invoice for payment.
Works-in-Progress will be sent for approval before the completion of a commission.

An unshaded reference sheet and/or multiple pictures of the character(s) is accepted.

Turnaround time can reach up to three months as I often have other commissions in my queue and work a day job.
You are allowed to ask for updates on your commission at any time!
I can only do small corrections after completion.

Only base prices of commissions are considered for both refunds and upcharges.

If a refund is requested at any time during the commission process, a fee will be deducted to cover PayPal fees.
The amount depends on what stage of completion your commission is at.

✦ Not Started / Sketch: 90% refund ✦ Lineart: 60% refund ✦
✦ Coloring: 30% refund ✦ Rendering: 10% refund ✦

If your commission is finished, a refund will not be issued.

Upcharges of +20% will be enacted with each of the following:

✦ The commission is requested to be completed within a specific deadline
✦ The commission is requested to be private (unposted to social medias / galleries)
✦ More than two correction rounds is requested after completion of the commission

Do not trace, edit, sell, or claim my artwork or designs as your own.
Do not remove my watermark / signature.
Do not use my art for commercial purposes.

Commissions may only be used by the paying / receiving party for personal uses.
Commissions may be uploaded to any website or gallery by the receiving party with proper credit and a link back to me!

🌻 Character Design Terms of Service 🌻

By buying a custom design or adoptable you must read and agree to these terms.
All previous and above terms of service apply.

I will happily design:
Anthros, dragons, animals/creatures/monsters, Pokemon and Pokemon fusions.
I am inexperienced with some but am willing to design most species!
If you are wondering if I'll design something specific, feel free to inquire!

I will not draw genitalia, NSFW, or fetishistic content for custom designs.

If you upload the design on Toyhou.se, please credit me @Dracononite!
You may ask if an adoptable is already uploaded, in which case I will transfer it to you.

You may use a design for whatever you'd like as long as you credit me.
This includes: using a design as a "mascot," for merch, in a story or world, RP, etc.

If a design is of a closed species, you may not claim the species as your own or make other designs of that species without purchasing MYO slots. You must also follow the rules for that closed species regarding usage of the character.

Do not claim any of my designs as your own.
Feel free to edit the design in any way. However, you must include the original design in the character's profile / gallery.
Do not claim an edited design as your own - credit me for the edited version as you would the original design.
You may give a design any gender, name, personality, etc that you want.

I do not endorse nor support fetishistic, LGBTQA+phobic, offensive or hateful characters being made from my designs.
Please refrain from making my designs into any of these, or you will be blacklisted from future business.

You may resell a design of mine only for the original flatsale price unless it comes with extra art.
Flatsales, OTAs and auctions are then allowed with mention of the original price (for the safety of potential buyers.)

You may trade or gift any of my designs at your own discretion.
You must include all versions of a design when selling / trading, including original, edited, alt palettes / forms, etc.